Kindle for iPad Peeks Out; Will Apple Allow It?

Kindle iPad thumb

The iPad will be in user’s hands in just a few weeks, and developers are scrambling to get versions of their iPhone apps ready to take advantage of the larger tablet screen. Kindle for iPhone has been a big hit for the phone crowd, and Amazon has made it clear they are hard at work on an iPad version. This new version has peeked out to show what Amazon is bringing to the table, and it looks pretty.

The new bookshelf takes advantage of the bigger iPad screen, and presents book covers in a pleasing format. The reader is receiving a face lift too, with pages turning graphically to mimic a real book experience.

Barnes & Noble is also working on an iPad version of its iPhone reader app. Like Amazon, its goal is to extend the customer experience to as many devices as possible to sell more e-books. While both companies are working on iPad versions, there is a possible fly in the ointment for actually getting them on the device. Apple would be foolish to deny the approval of competing e-book reader apps for the iPad, but that hasn’t stopped them in the past.

While third party readers were allowed on the iPhone, and there are quite a few, at the time of the approval of those apps Apple was not in the e-book selling game. With the release of the iPad and the iBookstore, that is no longer the case. Apple has a nasty habit of disapproving apps for the iPhone that compete with its core businesses, and unfortunately e-books now fit that description on the iPad. If Apple decides to reject these iPad apps we can expect a firestorm of outcries. It’s not clear if they would retroactively remove the iPhone versions of e-book reader apps, since Apple’s iBooks only runs on the iPad.

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