Elisabeth Murdoch On Shine, Family Succession and Ambition

Elisabeth Murdoch

By Jane Martinson: Elisabeth Murdoch sits down, eyes the voice recorder, and says “I have to be careful”. The head of Shine, the UK’s largest independent producer, and scion of Rupert, then proceeds to talk openly about her company, ambitions, politics and much else besides. It is a performance that infuriates her PR minders, one of whom she happens to be married to, while completely disarming most journalists she meets. “Gosh, I’m going to be in trouble,” she says as we get up to leave.

The second-eldest child of Rupert Murdoch rarely gives interviews, largely because she is understandably tired of questions about his succession but also perhaps because she appears to share with him an inability to refuse to answer most journalists’ questions. Whether it is how she will vote in the general election (yes, Conservative), what she thinks of New Labour’s handling of the economy (not good) or what she did when her husband, Matthew Freud, criticised a hugely successful part of the Murdoch-owned News Corporation, she hardly ever refuses to comment

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