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Korean mobile PC maker Viliv has been churning out handheld computers right and left. The Viliv product line covers all sizes of computers, from the 5-inch slate S5 to the new 10-inch S10 Blade convertible. I just got word from Viliv that five of its mobile computers will be available at Best Buy Mobile (s bby) beginning tomorrow.

Best Buy will be offering two different configurations of the S5 handheld, the X70EX slate and two configurations of the 7-inch S7 convertible netbook. I have evaluated all three of these devices and found the Viliv build quality to be quite good. If you wish to see these in action before heading to Best Buy take a look at these reviews of the devices offered:

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Well you can also save $50 on the HHD version of the S5 over at


GMA500? That means this thing does hardware accelerated HD video and has full support for 720p/1080p!

The OS choice is a little disappointing though for me, but it seems like a very capable device! Google earth navigation!

2 cell battery isn’t going to well with the platform either.


All three units have claimed battery life of 6 hours or more. I’m fairly sure these batteries are not your typical battery packs based on cylindrical cells, but instead use high capacity prismatic cells like Apple uses.

The S5 and S7 have 29 W-Hr batteries, and the X70EX has a 34 W-Hr battery (and 7 hour claimed battery life). In comparison, the Lenovo S10-3 3-cell battery is 24.4 W-Hr (and it does have a 6-cell 48.8 W-Hr battery available for it).

Also, these viliv devices save on power in two ways compared to 10″+ netbooks and notebooks. First, these use Z520 Atoms, which run at 1.3 GHz instead of the 1.6+ GHz cpus in many netbooks. Second, these screens are a lot smaller, which means the backlight uses a lot less power–and the backlight is often one of the highest power users in a notebook. (A 5″ screen is roughly 1/4 the area of a 10″ screen)

Herman: well, all of these are smaller than an iPad (though thicker), and they run Windows XP, so if you want to run any PC applications, you can.


For some reason I can’t put a reply to your comments.

Both of your corrections are right, I got the 34 W-Hr battery on the wrong model, and its probable that the S7 doesn’t have GPS after all. According to, there’s a spot on the S7 for a GPS but wasn’t filled by his unit, I watched that video about three days ago and it must have stuck in my mind.


I believe all of them have GPS; also, the X70EX and the high end models of the S5 and S7 include 3G (HSDPA, tri-band world and AT&T US freqs) and 32GB SSDs.


I am just rather surprised that the Best Buy S7 has a GPS since dynamism does not offer S7 with a GPS.


Also noticed that the S7 Best Buy is selling has a 2-cell battery. Is that the same one that has gotten 7-9 hours of battery life in reviews?

Herman Munster

Don’t know about these handhelds. The iPad seems a more capable device at a lower price.


I’d agree, at least for my own use, but it’s pretty obvious that opinions vary on the preferability of desktop vs. mobile OS on touch devices. In any event, Viliv’s been carrying the UMPC torch for a while, and have been making some well-received products in that area, so congrats to them for getting broader exposure!

TJ Mac

looks like the specs are switched a bit on the two models…
cheaper $ version has 32g ssd and 3g modem! :)


Just looking at the model numbers and prices, it looks ok except for the S73GUS which should be a lot higher. Checking the specs, looks like they’ve got the 3G modem on the wrong S5 model, everything else looks ok.

I’m just wondering who is going to walk into Best Buy and find out this viliv thing is what she wanted/needed.


This is a giant step for Viliv, and brings the company closer to bringing their devices mainstream. However I’m not sure if “Bestbuy Mobile” means that they will actually be in the brick and mortar stores. I think people actually have to try out touch type devices before they shell out money for them, and while Bestbuy is certainly more recognizable than Dynamism or Conics, (great online stores btw) it would be great if Viliv could get their products inside Bestbuy stores.


Totally agree. With gadgets like these that are so specific in their design, you really need to see it first and play with it – most people “think” they know what they’re getting into, and then later end up disappointed because they made a bad choice. In-store exposure would help Viliv tremendously, not just for their marketing, but open up a major sales channel.

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