Android This Week: Nexus One for All; Buzz Hits Android; Google TV

Google this week took another step toward getting its own Android-based handset, the Nexus One, on as many U.S. carriers as possible. Originally released on the T-Mobile network, the device was added to AT&T next, and then Verizon. Sprint said this week that it will become the fourth major carrier to support the Nexus One — which should help boost the lower-than-expected sales numbers of what many feel is the best Android phone on the market.

Google Buzz is one of those services that folks either love or hate. Those in the pro-Buzz camp will love the new Google Buzz widget, which can be placed on the home screen of any Android phone, where users can post text and photos to it with a single tap. The widget also supports geolocation. Posts submitted through it are uploaded in the background, and as such do not impact performance nor usage of the phone.

And the Android OS may be coming to a TV near you! Google, Intel and Sony have entered into a partnership to create Google TV, a venture aimed at bringing social networking into the set-top TV box space. Google TV will be based on the Chrome web browser, which doesn’t currently work with Android. Launch is slated for this summer.


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