YouDo: Simple To-Do List for the iPhone and iPod Touch

I recently wrote about TaskPaper coming to the iPhone and my appreciation of simple and easy to use task lists. Another option for people who just need a simple, easy-to-use to-do list is YouDo, an iPhone and iPod touch app.

YouDo’s interface is reminiscent of desktop notepads, and with its simplicity the analogy works for me.  Each day, the app presents you with a blank page to which you can add your tasks. If you don’t complete the tasks by the end of that day (or at least strike them from the list), the incomplete tasks appear on the “Overdue” list. I do have friends and colleagues who take this day-to-day management approach and I wouldn’t hesitate mentioning YouDo to them if they were in the market for an iPhone or iPod touch app.

YouDo bases itself on tasks and dates versus TaskPaper which uses projects, tasks, and notes as its organizational foundation. All of the task management options are accessible from the main screen; there are no arcane sub-menus to master.

If you manage your tasks a couple of days to weeks out like I do, YouDo lets you scroll ahead to put tasks on future dates, with the option to view them on the “Upcoming Events” tab. While I was OK with this feature early on in my testing of the app, I came to think that it could grow tiresome for some people. While a recent update added a home button and the ability to move tasks to a new day, I still would like to see more date management and navigation features in future versions,

Have you tried out YouDo?

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