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Vid-Biz: YouTube, Hulu, ITV

The Numbers Behind the World’s Fastest-growing Web Site: YouTube’s Finances Revealed; Viacom releases YouTube’s finances from before the Google acquisition. (MediaMemo)

Hulu’s Ad Sales Team Is Undercutting Its Parent Companies; Hulu’s sales team is “actively subverting” the ad sales of its parent companies, which are also trying to sell ads for their shows, according to a source. (The Business Insider)

ITV Goes Cold on YouTube, Hulu; a senior ITV executive says that the broadcaster has “no plans” to do output deals to put its programming on video-on-demand aggregation services such as Hulu, YouTube, SeeSaw or MSN Video Player. (paidContent)

Madison Avenue Finds Old and New Media Can Coexist; more marketers are turning to web video, but many are increasingly doing so along with — rather than in place of — television. (NY Times)

Indie Web Producers Try to Overturn BBC’s Online Cull; Pact (the Producers Alliance for Cinema and Television), which represents independent online multimedia producers that have work commissioned from the BBC and others, urges the BBC not to cut its investment in digital media. (paidContent:UK)

The Guardian Finds Video Success With the Contextualization of Content; the newspaper has been innovating with online video since 2006, has invested heavily in video operations in its new headquarters and is finding traction with its own brand of journalistic video. (Beet.TV)