ThinkPad X100e Video Overview


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I have been surprised at the level of interest that has been expressed since I’ve been covering the ThinkPad X100e. This budget ultraportable has captured the attention of quite a few, due no doubt to the reputation of the ThinkPad line. The 11.6-inch high-res screen is a nice touch for an ultra-portable, and the ThinkPad attention to detail is present throughout the design.

In the video you’ll get a walk around the X100e, showing just how small and light this notebook is. I discuss my thoughts on the inclusion of an AMD (s amd) Neo processor instead of a more typical Intel (s intc) offering, and what my findings have been due to that design choice. You also get a look at the performance of that processor.

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Try flash beta and see if the hd videos on youtube play?

the x1250 is supposed to have dxva support for 720p hd video

James Diaz

Great video!! Can you play some sd video as well as hd? flash and silverlight? youtube, netflix and hulu demo would be great. Also how does media center run?

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