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Geo-madness Now Playing on Your Dashboard

BMW-Mail-address-entry-screen-Large.png Given how bad most people are at driving, I have to wonder why car companies keep giving us tools of distraction — ways to make phone calls when driving, to watch DVDs when driving, etc. Add to that list sharing your geo-location when driving. After adding real-time news headlines to the dashboard of its cars, BMW has added social networking features which can be accessed via the iDrive feature. You can even email your location and destination. Putting aside my snark hat, this feature could actually be useful as it can tell your friends and family where, exactly, you are — though at a cost of $199 a year.

Here’s how it works:

And now watch some stupid human car tricks.


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Photo courtesy of The Diesel Driver.

One Response to “Geo-madness Now Playing on Your Dashboard”

  1. Matthew Wertheim

    Kudos to BMW. I think this type of funtionality (although it’s fairly rudimentary now) will be very useful. Also, kudos to whoever created The Diesel Driver – with all the talk about hybrids (Prius, anyone?), the benefits of diesel-powered cars have been greatly overlooked.