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Welcome To Microsoft Office. Would You Like A Microblog With Your Order?

Microsoft’s experimental Office Labs group says it’s testing a new microblogging service called OfficeTalk — which “applies the base capabilities of microblogging to a business environment, enabling employees to post their thoughts, activities, and potentially valuable information to anyone who might be interested.” It’s an experiment but the Office Labs group does say that OfficeTalk has been one of its most popular internal tests to date and it’s therefore inviting interested outside firms to try it out.

By far, the leader in the enterprise microblogging space right now is Yammer, which has raised $15 million in funding, but if Microsoft (NSDQ: MSFT) were to ultimately bundle the microblogging product with Office, as the OfficeTalk name and Office Labs connection appear to imply, Microsoft could easily make itself dominant in this still new market.

This isn’t Microsoft’s first venture into microblogging. In December, it launched a Twitter-like service in China but it had to pull it from the market less than a month later among accusations that it had blatantly copied a competitor