Tweetshare Creates a Richer Twitter Presence


Can you make Twitter better? Of course you can, and plenty of companies are jumping on that bandwagon; some doing it well while, others fall short. One site that recently launched is Tweetshare, and I think they fall into the “doing it well” category because they focus on solving one problem and keeping it simple.

Tweetshare integrates with your Twitter and then allows you to create a richer destination for your Twitter community. You can upload a file such as an image, video or even a PDF (s adbe) or PowerPoint (s msft) file. Then you can tweet your followers from Tweetshare with an option to get comments, ask a question or provide a poll about the uploaded file.

Hit Me With Your Metrics

We’re all struggling to better measure our social communications and marketing activities. Tweetshare presents you with useful behind-the-scenes metrics for your file — how many views and replies — pretty much in real time.

For example, I shared an image of me singing karaoke at SXSW, and asked the question: “Did you sing at #Techkaraoke last night?”

Within seconds, there were already seven views and moments later a reply. Within minutes, there were 93 views recorded. I set the duration of the conversation for eight hours, although you can opt to keep the conversation and comments feature open for up to 30 hours, or for shorter durations such as two or four hours.

You can also see a chart of activity over time so you can see the ebb and flow of activity around your content.

Twitter Fan Pages Brand Your Presence

You can take your Tweetshare account to another level of branding without paying a dime by customizing your presence and having a more permanent landing page for your Twittershare activity. Currently, the site uses a templated model where you can upload a header image, change the page color and some information to your Tweetshare page.

You can also add up to ten contributors to your page, meaning you can have multiple approved team members uploading files and posting messages to Twitter and your Tweetshare presence.

Quick, easy, with fast metrics let you expand your Twitter coverage while gauging actual engagement per file-oriented tweet. Sweet.

What is your favorite new Twitter-related app?

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