Now Serving Ads Inside Google Maps


Marrying location with marketing messages has always been viewed as the holy grail of local advertising. Google has started taking steps towards this future, starting today in Australia.Google is using Australia and New Zealand as test markets for this new technology that was actually developed in Google’s Australian offices.

Google (s goog) is now showing ads on Google Maps in Australia. You can see logos for local banks, ATM machines, pharmacists and music stores on the map. These logos show up over the locations of these establishments on the map.

According to the Sydney Morning Herald, Google shows ads when you zoom in on the map. In addition, Google is making sure that despite being “branding” ads, the messages are contextual and provide relevance based on the search keywords.

This is a clever idea, as it makes ads more relevant and thus increases the chances that people will actually click through. It’s more than likely that folks will see these ads on smaller smartphone screens. Put up too many ads and the whole user experience becomes messy. That’s why ‘am glad to see Google’s not overrunning the maps with logos.

I actually wouldn’t mind seeing these ads, for they’re useful and might fulfill my on-the-go needs. What about you? Would you be OK seeing these kind of ads?

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Put me down squarely in the NO column. Google doesn’t need anymore money – they are too powerful as it is. The tools they are building to get into our lives are starting to get out of hand too. Found this video the other day on YouTube and I think it sums it up:

Might be a little paranoid but it sure is scary.

Nick Mikhailovsky

Spent some time trying to find ads in Sydney and Canberra and didn’t find any. Either there are not much advertisers, or the ads are indiscernible from free listings (the latter too bad). Besides, it’s pay-per view.. Phhhew :)

Om Malik

I hope the new ones aren’t this hideous. They need to be much better experience than this one :-).


I agree, I’m sure Google won’t make them much of a hinderance. I’ve never minded google ads before.

Nick Mikhailovsky

Just in case, we have launched a location-based advertising platform on March 16th in Russia. Sounds much like the Google’s move, but with a few important twists.

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