Blog Post Raises $2.5M for Booming Site, the fascinatingly simple and popular personal Q&A site, has raised $2.5 million from a top-shelf list of angel investors: Baseline Ventures, Freestyle Capital, SV Angels, Maples Investments, Chris Sacca, Dave Morin and Kevin Rose. The site, which launched exactly 113 days ago, as President John Wechsler tells us, has had 50 million unique visitors in the last 30 days and facilitated the answering of more than 300 million total questions. was spun out of (which is now rebranding itself as FormStack to avoid confusion) last fall, after the Indianapolis-based company noticed 30,000 people had signed up for its free accounts in order to invite people to ask them questions. “We set out to give these users a product that would do what they were already doing, but make it simpler to do it,” said Wechsler, who along with the company’s four other employees is moving out to San Francisco to pursue the startup. (“The moving trucks are literally in town now.”)

The product is still quite simple, enabling users to create a page inviting people to ask them anything, even anonymously. Wechsler said the company’s first priority is keeping up with infrastructure demands; it currently has some 200 quad-core servers and is adding more all the time.

Wechsler described Formspring’s value proposition as such: “We’re bringing conversation to the social web. Instead of putting the onus on you to think of something to say, our platform really lends itself well to a conversation.”

Next up on the company’s product road map, as soon as it gets its infrastructure under control: an API, a mobile app, an Adobe AIR app (s ADBE) and a web-based app, said Wechsler.

20 Responses to “ Raises $2.5M for Booming Site”

  1. Cyber bullying…? Really? That’s just called the internet, folks. That’s like saying ESPN should take away its “Conversation” tab under every game for people to post live and interact with each other. Stacey, for you to wish a death spiral upon a prospering social networking-esque site is completely irrational and ignorant, and it is clear that you have not put forth much time and thought into this statement. I personally don’t see the point of formspring, and don’t use it, but that doesn’t mean i’m abject to its existence. It’s just another thing to do.

  2. Kristina

    Formspring is basically a site set up for suicide. Cyberbullying has been an issue on Facebook, Mypace, etc. The fact that this site allows anyone to remain anonymous increases the chance of cyberbulling. People are more willing to say/do harmful things when they can’t get in trouble. Formspring makes it easy for kids/teens to get away with this by the simple click of a box that says “remain annonymous.”

  3. You all commenting are ridiculous. If someone is killing themselves over Formspring haters, there’s obviously a lot worse things going on in their lives. If they had confidence and were able to think maturely they wouldn’t kill themselves because a couple people were bullying them anonymously, they should have the sense to brush it off or delete the account. If they take things like that this seriously there must me other parts of their life that aren’t going well or they have some chemical imbalance in there brain or something.

    I think it’s a great site and yes, most of the people that use it are in the older set and older teenagers. I see company founders, 20-somethings in just-signed bands wanting to connect with their fans, everything.

    I think it’s a great idea and I’m happy it’s taken off. :)

  4. Grant, way to know your demographics, and to answer your question, No- I am not on drugs… I am someone with a lot of contacts and power to put this potential “gem” on a death spiral. “You will know no wrath like a mother’s revenge”. Your idiot founders, your journalists (sure, they are really lining up), investors (seriously?) and your 20-somethings (what 20 year-old would be interested in this crap?) will all see thru this shortly. Call it form-sprung, your wad will be blown shortly. 2.5 M won’t even cover your liability premium..

  5. its all about the money, another teen has commited suicide because all the evil and harsh words they get from other users, they fall into a depression, this beautiful 17 yr old soccer star who was headed to Yale has taken her life this week, and was a big part in it, there were other similiar cases as well, because they are animinous they speak vicously…There is a petition goin around started by a group of teens who very much loved thier friend, schoolmate, teammate, sister, daughter etc….these childrens lives were worth more then that 2.5 million dollars, They have my vote BAN FORMSPRING .ME

  6. Contributes to cyber-bullying… just waiting to see the lawsuits when some poor adolescent with low self-esteem feels humiliated and ends their life. There is absolutely NO inherent value in a site like this. A chance to comment anonymously… sure, but who ever says anything positive when they are sure that their identity won’t be disclosed. Really.. who are you kidding????

    • it already has, i tried postin a link from daily news , it didnt work, but go into daily news , beautiful girl in my neighborhood, all the kids are in turmoil, tryin to ban formspring, even they dont want it, its so crazy, we as parents have enough to worry about with peer pressure, but to bring them to them God with sites like this to throw them into the fire, shame on you John Weschler, President of this denomic site you have goin on for these kids, put your kids on that, see the abuse they will get…Ban

  7. I completely missed this gem, its growth rate resembles chatroulette. Deadly simple, deadly social. I see some celebrity level, C level users spend so much time on it, it’s unreal. Hats off to formspring team to pull this one off!

    • You are right about the deadly part Grant. Most of the users are 12-14 year old kids that use this site to spew hate because they don’t have the social skills to effectively communicate with their peers. All it takes is one kid that can’t cope and it’s suddenly every parent’s worst nightmare. A real gem, are you for real? Facebook- amazing, this p.o.s website is a disaster waiting to happen

      • I missed your reply. Where did you get the stats from: 12 to 14 years old? I see plenty of founders, journalists, investors, or normal 20 something who want a fan base. Are you on drugs?