Evernote Adds Time-Saving Email Tag Support


Over on our sister blog jkOnTheRun, Kevin has written about a small but productivity-boosting tweak to Evernote. You’ve always been able to email notes into your Evernote account using a special incoming address, but you can now email them into specific notebooks simply by using tags in the subject line.

As an example, if you have a “Research” notebook, adding “@Research” to the subject line of your email will file it into that notebook. Additionally, you can add tags to your notes by using a hashtag format. So for example, adding the hashtag “#webworkerdaily” to the subject line of your email would add the tag “webworkerdaily” to the filed note.

While this change might seem fairly insignificant, it actually means that you’ll spend a lot less time categorizing and tagging notes after submitting them. Kevin goes into a little more detail and includes some caveats to bear in mind.

What do you think of this change to Evernote?

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This is great, I use the e-mail feature extensively and I had to go into the default notebook to sort them out before each time. I’m glad this is now implemented.


Love it cause I email to evernote to keep track my payment records and with these new features I do not need to tag and put it into the appropriate notebook on my desktop later. Hope we can create new notebook and tag in the email soon. Right now Evernote only supports existing notebook and tag.

D. Lambert

That certainly seems like a cool feature, but what I’d really like them to release is a feature that used to be present in their old software that they’ve elected not to support with their new release.

I have an Adesso Cyberpad, which is great for taking notes, but doesn’t do much for me without software. It shipped with a ‘lite’ version of Evernote, which I paid to upgrade. Starting with their 3.5 release, though, Evernote doesn’t work with the Adesso files, which puts me in a bit of a bind. Lack of support for ‘legacy’ features is a bit of a problem with a product that’s all about saving up your stuff over long periods of time, isn’t it?

See this forum topic for more info:


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