Evernote Adds Time-Saving Email Tag Support

Over on our sister blog jkOnTheRun, Kevin has written about a small but productivity-boosting tweak to Evernote. You’ve always been able to email notes into your Evernote account using a special incoming address, but you can now email them into specific notebooks simply by using tags in the subject line.

As an example, if you have a “Research” notebook, adding “@Research” to the subject line of your email will file it into that notebook. Additionally, you can add tags to your notes by using a hashtag format. So for example, adding the hashtag “#webworkerdaily” to the subject line of your email would add the tag “webworkerdaily” to the filed note.

While this change might seem fairly insignificant, it actually means that you’ll spend a lot less time categorizing and tagging notes after submitting them. Kevin goes into a little more detail and includes some caveats to bear in mind.

What do you think of this change to Evernote?

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