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Obama Signs $18B Jobs Bill: “President Obama signed an $18 billion jobs bill into law in a Rose Garden ceremony this morning, providing tax breaks for businesses that hire previously unemployed workers and extending funding for infrastructure and transportation projects.” — Washington Post’s 44

EDRs on the Way for Prius Investigation: Toyota currently has only one prototype electronic data recovery (EDR) reader “in use within the entire U.S., making assessment of problematic vehicles both time consuming and difficult.” The automaker plans to have 100-150 EDR readers here by the end of next month, and 400 more “as soon as they become available.” — Autoblog Green

Wrong Kind of Carbon Recycling: “The BlueNext carbon exchange on Wednesday had suspended CER [certified emissions reductions] trading after it found that ‘used’ permits had traded on its exchange, and said on Thursday that it would resume such trade on March 22, having made it ‘impossible to trade recycled CERs.'” — Reuters

Beginning of the End of the Incandescent: After 120 years in the incandescent lightbulb business, Toshiba announced this week that, “it has produced its last major run of…the electricity-guzzling light source.” — CNET’s Green Tech

Four Obstacles for Electric Bikes: Obstacles that have kept electric bikes from taking hold in North America (and in particular the Pacific Northwest) like they have in China include immature technology, bike culture (hardcore cyclists say going electric is “cheating”), closed distribution channels and safety. — Grist

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