Brightcove, Gotuit Partner for Advanced Metadata Services

Gotuit announced a partnership with Brightcove today that will enable joint customers to easily create multiple metadata-rich video clips from their existing long-from video assets, without having to edit them. The system will also help improve video search results and the ability to create engagement-building custom playlists.

Through the partnership, Gotuit will now have access to some of Brightcove’s largest media customers. Through its integration, those customers will now be able to access Gotuit’s metadata and video tagging technology without having to change their workflow. Their videos will still be stored and managed by Brightcove and distributed within the Brightcove player, but will be able to use its metadata management system to define individual scenes in a video without the need for video editing.

That means that Brightcove customers will be able to upload a single source video file, but create multiple clips associated with it, all defined by temporal metadata stored by Gotuit. These new “scenes” are characterized with their own title, description, thumbnail, start time and end time, and can also include multiple other pieces of metadata, such as location, character, actor, etc. When a user request a particular clip, the system works by calling on Brightcove APIs to search video stored in Brightcove’s system, and delivers the relevant part of a video in the Brightcove player.

The result is the ability to easily make custom playlists that help to drive user engagement, while also improving video search capabilities. And because the scenes are deployed in the Brightcove player, they remain embeddable and shareable through various social networks.

Gotuit already has a number of major media customers already who use its temporal metadata products to allow users to search within video assets and even create mashups of multiple video files. Named Gotuit customers include Turner Broadcasting, ESPN, World Wrestling Entertainment, the History Channel, Lifetime Networks, Major League Soccer, Sports Illustrated, EMI, Sprint, the National Hockey League, and Fox Reality.

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