iVillage Plans Larger Health And Wellness Rollout

Woman Eating Healthy

Since updating its look last fall, iVillage has been tinkering at the edges, adding three new channels around celebrities, food and even astrology. Now, it’s working to expand its health and wellness content amid a wave of competition from other female-focused websites. The NBC Universal (NYSE: GE) site has unveiled a new health channel, and in the coming weeks, it will introduce a pregnancy-focused site. The move follows last week’s deal with the recipes and nutrition information and part of the EatingWell Media Group that has iVillage running ad sales for EatingWell.com

Even though iVillage’s parent is currently wending its way through the regulatory process to become part of Comcast (NSDQ: CMCSA), the new health channel shows the benefits of being under General Electric, at least for the time being. GE is the health channel’s launch sponsor and it will use the site to promote its “Healthymagination” program, which involves buffing up its health industry tech offerings.

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