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Daily Mail: iPad, E-Readers Will Have ‘Absolutely No’ Impact This Year

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Hang on – weren’t publishers falling over themselves in the rush for e-reader salvation? The Association of Online Publishers, in this video with its members, has found many execs are neither glowing nor certain about the e-reader opportunity in 2010…


— Mail Online MD James Bromley: “These are still really really embryonic devices that are great and fantastic, and I want to be at the top of the queue to buy one and play with it. But we’re talking about a very, very narrow subsection of society that will have these in 2010. This is the time that we learn about these devices – ’11, ’12, ’13 is when these might become slightly more mainstream.”

— Conde Nast Digital UK manager Emanuela Pignataro: “E-readers will be the novelty of 2010. I don’t think it is a short-term adoption – it will take years.”

— Thomson Reuters (NYSE: TRI) consumer GM Tim Faircliff: “I don’t think we’re quite there yet.”

— Incisive Media digital manager John Barnes: “The issue with tablets is, they’re not really servicing the needs of colour, with graphics and diagrams – it’s a bit like version one of the iPod.”

6 Responses to “Daily Mail: iPad, E-Readers Will Have ‘Absolutely No’ Impact This Year”

  1. @filecat13 we *love* the ipad, it just doesn’t change the fact that it’ll be an incredibly small group of users in 2010. My sole point. Love to know what data you have that suggests differently.

    Have you ever been to


  2. Patrick King

    iPad – cool fashion accessory and toy – yes. Serious business platform no. Will scores of millions of ordinary consumers go out and buy it soon – no but a few million might. It is a high end product aimed at middle class medium to high income earners with spare cash – not many of hose around to justify mass media execs investing massive amounts of hard earned cash in eReader Aps. John Barnes and James Bromley are right to be cautious with a wait and see approach.
    Lots of Apple fans out there want iPad to be successful (me included) – but it will not be on the back of consumer newspapers and mags. At least – not yet.

  3. filecat13

    These are the kinds of comments you hear from under-achiervers and under-performers. They are governed by Depression-Era mentalities. They’re sitting still when they should be moving. It will be a pleasure to see their lack of vision punished when those who do “get it” take the lion’s share of a market that could be theirs.

  4. A bit shortsighted. The time to get into the market is before it explodes. Smart publishers like Pearson know this and are prepping material for the iPad now. Technology adoption moving forward is embraced and not approached with caution but with optimism. There is a lesson to be learned from the success of devices such as the iPod and iPhone. The App market is going to be a multi billion dollar industry and it will go in hand with the success of the iPad. If Apple can execute and past performance indicates this, then they will have a runaway success.

  5. video tip: don’t shoot so profile, get a camera with an external mic input so you get a lapel mic close into the mouth to avoid distracting background sound.