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Xobni Hits the BlackBerry

Xobni — Inbox spelled backwards — is one of those email utilities that when you try it you wonder how you lived without it. It integrates into Outlook and turns your email into a personal assistant. It’s so good that it almost makes me wish I still used Outlook — almost. We first covered Xobni two years ago, and it has gotten even better over time.

While it was rumored a while back that Xobni would be hitting the smartphone, the BlackBerry specifically, according to word just received from the Xobni folks, that day has arrived. Xobni Mobile for BlackBerry smartly extracts useful information about your contacts from the conversations you have with them — email, SMS and phone calls. It then presents the information to you as needed. You’ll always know the last time you were in touch with someone, and what was discussed.

A new Xobni One service is being launched to keep Xobni Mobile for BlackBerry in sync with desktop Outlook. Once in sync, you will have access on the BlackBerry to every single person you’ve ever contacted. Even if you’ve only received one email from someone, you’ll know that on your BlackBerry.

Xobni Mobile for BlackBerry is available for a one-time fee of $9.99. Xobni One with Xobni Mobile for BlackBerry is $6.99 plus a recurring fee of $3.99 monthly, or just an annual fee of $39.90.

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