Nova Spivack’s Live Matrix: A Programming Guide for the Live Web


“The web is becoming a live medium — sales and auctions happen in time, product launches, chats with celebrities, live video events and audio, games, events in virtual worlds — there are a huge amount of scheduled things taking place,” says Nova Spivack, who recently sold off his semantic web search engine Twine to Evri. Now he’s setting out to create a massive programming guide to those live online events, called Live Matrix.

Spivack last year brought on Sanjay Reddy, who’d done corporate development at Gemstar-TV Guide and led its sale to Macrovision for $2.8 billion. Reddy knew from experience that TV watchers spend 10 percent of their time watching TV on the interactive programming guide (per set-top box data). The web has much more going on at any one time, but nothing like an IPG. Does that metaphor carry over? Check out GigaOM for the full story.

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