AirStash — Flash Drive With Wi-Fi

The flash drive has become commonplace because it makes it so easy to carry files for use with any mobile device. At least you can with any device that has a USB port, and unfortunately a lot of the smaller gadgets we cover are missing that little connection. That’s where the unique AirStash fits into the picture. The AirStash fits in your pocket but combines three devices in one package that lets you put your files on any device with Wi-Fi. Take a USB flash drive, add a Wi-Fi router and a multimedia content server and you have the AirStash.

Just plug the AirStash into a USB port on the computer that has files you need to share with other devices. While it is plugged in, it works like any other USB flash drive, but it also charges the lithium polymer battery for use on the go. When unplugged it can connect to any device over Wi-Fi and transfer files or stream media over a wireless connection to any Wi-Fi enabled device.

In addition to the USB connectivity, the AirStash adds SD/SDHC and microSD/SDHC to the mix. This makes it a breeze to get photos from a camera, and send them to any phone or gadget via Wi-Fi. Photographers can leave the laptop at home.

The AirStash is not cheap at $99.99 but it brings a lot to the gear bag. It makes it simple to access important files and transfer media from cameras and the like, all over an integrated wireless connection. If you’re wondering how this process works, check out this demo of the AirStash in action: