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Lloyd’s List Relaunches Data-Heavy Premium B2B Site

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Now this is how you do a premium B2B web strategy. Lloyd’s List, the shipping news journal that’s been publishing for three centuries, is unveiling Lloyd’s List Intelligence, a high-end data service that offers info on 120,000 vessels, 163,000 shipping companies and 17,000 credit reports.

The Informa-owned List already operates a £1,400-a-year web subscription with daily news, but the new service will let readers move “from the top news stories of the day to the data sets that define underpin them”, according to the pitch. Unclear how much a subscription costs, but subs can be taken out only for individual channel areas of the new site.

Lloyd’s List Intelligence will make over two million amendments a year to the hefty database, CEO Fotini Liontou tells InPublishing – thanks to journalists, marine analysts and satellite intelligence, including from ORBCOMM.

The publisher already had much of the data at its Lloyds MIU site – the big change is linking it to the editorial content.

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One Response to “Lloyd’s List Relaunches Data-Heavy Premium B2B Site”

  1. Informa Insider

    “Now this is how you do a premium B2B web strategy”

    Hmmm. Informa Maritime and Professional, the business unit that runs Lloyds List (the oldest newsletter in the world) is not a happy ship. Pardon the pun. The “strategy” (such as it is) is to double the price of the newsletter in order to make up for falling ad revenue. At the same time, Liontou sacks the managing editor and his deputy, veterans of some 25 and 20 years respectively, and employ temps on minimum wage to do the selling. Who cares whether content or sales will suffer. The readers won’t notice, or so goes the thinking. Those who want the specialist maritime tracking info provided by the five figure LMIU online platform (admittedly a pretty good offering) already get it. There’s nothing new here. Will regular LL subs pay double? Who knows. Liontou doesn’t care either way and has already proven herself to be pretty much the most detested manager within the Informa stable. Rumour has it that the board tolerates her antics and foul temper due to Daddy (a Greek general and former member of the ruling military junta in that country) being a major shareholder in the company; her sacking could affect a sell off by same negatively impacting the share price. Teflon Liontou is gambling with the core product and customer base but, success or failure, chances are she’ll still be there in twenty years no matter what. Whether any of her current employees will be is quite another matter…