HP Mini 5102 Netbook Video Review


[wpvideo pbBLstP2 w=600]

Like the original 5101, the refreshed HP Mini 5102 (s hpq) netbook is as good as any netbook available. The brushed metal casing and long battery life make the 5102 a great traveling companion. The requests for a video review of the Mini 5102 have been coming hot and heavy since the device arrived at Mobile Tech Manor. In the video you will have a tour around the device, including a good look at the superb keyboard that is as good as any found on any netbook.

The unit I am evaluating has the multitouch option from HP, and that is shown in operation. You also get a good look at the optional handle that HP aims at the student/ education market. Enjoy the video, and leave any questions you might have about the 5102 in the comments.

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All the 5102’s I see for sale come with Win 7 Starter Edition. Is there a way to get a more powerful Win 7 (like, Pro) for free?

Allan Jones

As far as I can tell, the HP website gives no indication of models with a high-resolution screen. Do any of them have this screen? Are we supposed to guess which ones have this screen?

It is perverse of HP to make browing their products so difficult in this case.


Sure it’s there – just hit the “configure” button, scroll down to the display option and select 1366×768.

It may not mention it specifically for pre-built units, but the option is there when you configure your own hardware.


A very poor review, lighting was terrible, you didnt really know what you were talking about, wow you checked for the processor, woohoo.

What about weight, power management, performance.

Waste of time, poor setup too, your a goofball!


Nice job getting 7 on there, and a great video as usual. Personally I’d take the hi-res screen over multi-touch, and add the Broadcom board for good measure. N470, SSD, Win 7 Pro, red metallic option… If it wasn’t so darn expensive I’d have bought one by now. This is the best netbook I’ve ever seen, with usability, features and performance to replace a notebook altogether.


Next time upload the video to YouTube so pol can watch it their iPhone or Nexus ones.


+1 on the Youtube request. Most mobile devices don’t have flash support and this IS a mobile devices news site.

Richard Garrett

Probably just me, but with the iPad (& all other slates around and soon to be), netbooks seem so 2009…


When I contemplate sitting on the train trying to balance the iPad on my lap while typing on either a) the soft keyboard, or b) the external one — the netbook definitely still has life left in it ;).

I’m very impressed with HP’s lineup of netbooks right now – I just received the HP Mini 210 from my wife for my birthday, and I can type on it nearly as easily as my macbook pro – makes a great writing platform for the train/bus without having to carry balance my 1500.00 macbook on my lap! The 210 has the same keyboard as the 5102, and it’s just simply phenomenal for such a small machine.

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