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Brightcove Secures EMI Deal

EMI has chosen Brightcove to distribute and monetize video across its various web properties, the video platform vendor announced today. The major label hopes to expand its audience reach as well secure new ad revenue streams through the cooperation with Brightcove, according to a news release.

EMI has struck a number of licensing deals with video sites like YouTube (s GOOG), VEVO and most recently Dailymotion to distribute music videos from its roster of artists. However, it looks like the label does currently not have any consistent video strategy of its own. EMI label Capitol Records simply links to YouTube pages to showcase videos of its artists, a practice that also seems common on a number of EMI artist pages. The A/V section of the Blue Note Records website states that “(t)here are currently no video tracks available,” and as well as the Manhattan Records site don’t even have a section for videos.

Brightcove’s gain could prove to be VEVO’s loss with video views on VEVO’s YouTube channel going down as EMI artists and labels start to incorporate Brightcove-hosted videos into their sites. VEVO’s performance over its first two months has been inconsistent, with the total number of views going up month over month in January, but VEVO’s daily audience actually taking a dive, according to recent comScore (s SCOR) numbers.

Brightcove on the other hand has been on a roll lately, securing deals left and right. We reported a week ago that the Financial Times (s PSO) is going to transition from Yahoo-owned (s YHOO) Maven Networks to Brightcove. Earlier this month, Japan’s Nikkei signed up with the company, and the UK’s Virgin Media went with Brightcove at the end of February.

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  1. A good win for Brightcove and a smart move on the part of EMI. Music videos are one of the top performing classes of online videos, as exemplified by both the success of the videos on Youtube and Vevo among other channels. Having a strategy in place to monetize these videos around the world, and working with a single player such as Brightcove to help manage the technicals around this solution is a smart approach on the part of the record label. They were leaving money on the table, and hopefully with the new deal they can improve their cross promotion and monetization of music videos.

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