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A Dive Into the Google Wave Extensions Gallery

Google (s goog) on Friday announced that its had launched the Google Wave Extensions Gallery; you can now click on “Extensions” in Wave’s navigation pane to access it. It’s been added to provide users with an easier way to discover useful extensions and gadgets that have been vetted through a quality assurance and approval process.

I took a dive into the new gallery; here are some must-have extensions that you can use to augment, rejuvenate or kick-start your Google Wave usage.

Video Chat Experience. Early on, I saw the potential of Google Wave as a unified communications platform. The Video Chat Experience extension from 6rounds enables you to add video chat functionality to your waves.

Napkin Gadget. The whiteboard is a staple of many meeting rooms and many cloud-based online collaboration tools offer a virtual version. The Napkin Gadget offers you a basic whiteboard-like drawing tool you can add to your waves. This extension does need some standard drawing tools to benefit users like me who can’t draw a straight line even with a ruler.

MindMap Gadget. Mindmaps can be useful collaboration and project management tools;  this gadget enables you to create basic mindmaps as part of your waves. You can also upload Freemind mindmap files to your waves and download them as the need arises.

iFrame Gadget. One of the problems with Google Wave is that it’s a “walled garden.” The iFrame gadget enables you to link to external online content from within your waves. While I linked to the WebWorkerDaily home page for my example, I could really see this extension being useful to link to documents hosted elsewhere.

Waffle (Date Picker) Gadget. If you find it hard to schedule events and meetings at a time that’s convenient for everyone, you can use the Waffle Gadget to have your colleagues vote on the event dates and times.

Have you checked out the extensions being offered in the Google Wave Extensions Gallery?

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