Video From ADMS: Eric Schmidt on the Mobile-Centric Google


At the Abu Dhabi Media Summit last week, Google (NSDQ: GOOG) CEO Eric Schmidt was the biggest speaker of them all. And he surely made the desired impression, deftly handling some critical questions from the audience. His focus for the talk was on innovation, specifically on Google’s, and its efforts in the mobile space. His statement, that Google now starts all product development as mobile-centric, got a lot of play on Twitter. Some other choice tweets from his speech and Q&A are below, along with the full video:

— We now start with mobile centric app, not a desktop centric one.
— I am v worried abt loss of deep reading. Right now all it is all about short form.
— People who live online think differently, they are not as nationalistic or rigid. Possible to reach them with right message.

— Even now, tanks trump Internet, but people have long memories. they will speak eventually.
— Schmidt reacts to MSFT: “Oh Microsoft (NSDQ: MSFT), such a stellar company” rather derisively.
— People who are complaining about us are in minority & that will stay for many many years.

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