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Video How-To: Printer Sharing on a Mac

The following how-to video will walk you through the basics of printer sharing on the Mac. You’ll learn both how to set up and how to access printers on a network.

We will cover the following points:

  1. Setting up Printer Sharing
  2. Printing to a Shared Printer
  3. Adding a Printer via System Preferences

You can watch the embedded video below (lower quality) or watch the full quality version here (28MB).

[wpvideo cJadCGg2]

7 Responses to “Video How-To: Printer Sharing on a Mac”

  1. Michael Burns

    I agree with the complaint about embedded video!
    I use Mail as my RSS reader and it works quite well. I assume that a lot of people do as well since Mail is so widely used. There are no preferences that allow me to stop the downloading of embedded files. It would be nice if there were, but there are not. Besides, small embedded files are just fine, I don’t mind a small jpg or even small movies, but come on please! 50MB? Especially two different formats?
    Just put a link in your post and let me decide if I want to click on it.
    You make me want to unsubscribe altogether! Not very reader friendly.