NewTeeVee Curates Web Series Picks for YouTube Today


Hey, so if you’ve been by a little unknown website called YouTube (s GOOG) today, you might have noticed that we were invited as guest editors to pick out some of our favorite web series. Our list of picks, with links to our past coverage:

We’re of course pretty excited — hopefully some of that comes out in the intro video embedded below.

But what we’re really excited about is the opportunity to discover some new web shows. So if you’re a creator, please drop us a line about your web series at the following address: mywebseries at newteevee dot com. We’ll be happy to take a look!

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Daryn Strauss

Liz and the NewTeeVee gang,
We were so happy to be included on this list! What a lovely new feature for indie web shows, and for the web series community in general! It provided our little show with tremendous exposure (50,000+ views so far), and our fanbase has grown exponentially. I also think it provided visibility to the general YouTube audience that there is quality web series programming on YouTube (and on the web-at-large), and not just low budget home camcorder videos. Thank you for the innovative thinking, NewTeeVee and YouTube.


Tom Konkle

With relatively unwatched web series as a parameter Mathieas, we might hopefully be in one of Liz’s upcoming YouTube spots in the future! We do fit the bill on YouTube.

I think this is actually a great idea as it’s SO hard to get anyone to watch series that have no backing like Safety Geeks or Invention with Brian Forbes anyone who casts a light on them is a blessing.

Well done Liz.


So according to the video intro, unless I miss heard, then correct me if I’m wrong, these were your picks for the best web series out? Okay, how is it that there is not one Streamy nominee among the group? I could understand if these were your favorite under-appreciated series or series worth checking out, but calling these the best of seems to be a stretch.


Thanks Liz for the clarification… I checked out a few of the shows on your list, I really liked Sanctum.

Marvin E. Hall

I think that Liz Shannon Miller is a good spokeperson for this venue. She is definitely cute, smart and has a good presence on NTV ON YOU TUBE. I would like to see if she can get my music downloaded on her show and have dedicated one piece of music to Liz Miller I love the way she looks and other people have told me the same thing that she is hot and is extremely smart and intelligent. I want to see more shots of her on NTV she is really sexy and after she hears the song dedicated to her she will even be more popular.
She was the inspiration for the song which will be sold millions with pictures of her whom I literally fell head over heels for she is her own woman set far apart from the ordinary crowd. Thanks, Marvin

Kris Sharma

Hi Liz & the rest of the NewTeeVee Crew,

Thanks so much for the Youtube shout-out and the kind words.

All the best,

Kris Sharma
Acting School Academy


Nicely done LIz! I like your web site and have made it one of my favorites to check regularly. Glad to have found!

Matt Mac Haffie

NTV popped up on my YouTube, I checked out The Sanctum and Man VS Thing based on your recommendation. Both were right on!

Your Editor Liz Shannon Miller has great insights and a terrific web presence.


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