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Twilight Super Fan Isn’t Bothered By the Haters

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Here are just some of the first comments I saw yesterday on the Youtube (s GOOG) user page of nuttymadam3575:

“OH GOD? IT’S AN ABOMINATION.”/”fat f–k.?”/”i hate you. you insulted kristen stewart so? i HATE YOU.”/”You made me laugh so? much xD”/”Kill yourself? you fat mess.”/”you don’t deserve? to live.” / “Go to you hell you? f–king useless wh—.” / “please god have some mercy and just kill me quickly then at least? i have a quick and sudden death. life’s not worth living with noises like that around.”

The noises that this last commenter is referring to are the screams of Emma Clark, a 23-year-old Twilight fan whose filmed reaction (embedded below) to the just-released trailer for Twilight: Eclipse went viral yesterday, reaching over 136,000 views in less than 24 hours and dominating YouTube on a global scale.

Clark is at this point probably pretty used to that sort of treatment, though: with a total of 3.7 million views on her videos, she’s become a poster child for vehement fandom. And for her, views are views, and the comments don’t matter one bit. “I always get such a buzz when one of my videos goes viral like this. It never gets old,” she said via email when I sent her a few questions — the answers to which are below:

NewTeeVee: Were you the first to post a reaction video to the Twilight: New Moon trailer [which is when the reaction video phenomenon began]?

Emma Clark: I wasn’t the first person to ever post a reaction, but there were only a couple before me. When I did my first reaction video, it was the first video I ever made with me in it. I saw a couple of people making reactions, and I knew I was gonna go nuts so I decided to film it and it caught on.

NewTeeVee: You’ve gotten a lot of negative comments on your video — is it hard to read them? ¬†How do you deal with the haters, is I guess what I’d like to know.

Clark: I always knew being a part of YouTube was going to result in getting haters and being targeted by “trolls.” But I decided early on that making videos for the people who want to watch and enjoy them is more important. I have dealt with bullies before and I learned never to back down, so I will never stop making videos, unless I run out of things to say….[Which is] not likely!

NewTeeVee: What do you like about being involved with the YouTube community?

Clark: Making my videos and having an outlet for my thoughts is so important to me. I’d be lost without my computer, it’s like my online diary! I have a very open personality and I say what I think. If that makes people angry, that’s fine, that’s what the comments are for!

There’s no denying that Clark’s love for the Twilight franchise might border on extreme, but you know what? I find her inspiring. Being surprised that the comments on a YouTube video are at times angry, violent and dumb is like being surprised by that big warm ball of yellow light that hangs in the sky; it’s a sign you don’t get out much. But it’s one thing to put yourself out there online, it’s another to own up to your passions totally the way Clark does, especially given the verbal assault she’s met with. And ignoring the haters is a skill that will take her far in life.

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