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Interested in writing for TheAppleBlog? We’re looking for a few new folks to bring on board and would love to talk to you.

A few notes about writing for TAB:

  • You MUST have previous Apple-related writing experience. No exceptions.
  • We’re looking for people who are great at writing either how-to/tutorial articles or more in-depth, analytical, commentary-based writing than anything else. If you only write app reviews…sorry, not interested right now.
  • Interacting with the folks who comment on your articles is a must, so be prepared to put in a little extra time conversing with our little community on the web.
  • It is indeed a paid gig.

Writing for TAB is certain to bring you fame and fortune1, so just apply via this page or the form below. And our apologies, but due to the large number of applications we typically get for this, we aren’t able to respond to everyone. If we think you’d be a good fit, we’ll follow up with you.

1. This may or may not be entirely true.

10 Responses to “Write for TheAppleBlog”

    • adam jackson

      Just write! I was and still continue to be a writer that needs a ton of work and polish but I love it. Start a wordpress or blogger account and just start writing :)

    • I think Bargey1986’s question is being misinterpreted.
      Sure, I could do tons of writings Apple, but if none of them are published, it wouldn’t matter.
      How would I go about getting the “writing experience” TheAppleBlog is looking for. I’m pretty sure TheAppleBlog could care less about how much I’ve written about Apple unless it was published by another blog site.
      It’s the job experience circular dilemma. Nearly every position out there requires job experience, so how is someone to get job experience if no one will hire him/her without the job experience?

    • Johnny: You’re applying way to much corporate mindset here.

      I’d say a large portion (the majority for sure) of TAB’s current and past writers were hired from posts they wrote on their own personal blogs without having any experience with other “major” publications.

      We care a heck of a lot more about the quality and consistency of your writing than a resumé.

    • adam jackson

      @Johnny – My personal blog has thousands of people reading it. If I’m not mistaken, TAB was started the same way and was later acquired by GigaOM Network which is still not technically considered “media” but then again, the lines are blurred these days.

      I guess the point is, if you’re good, people will find you. Go to Apple events, network, be a good writer, post constantly, bring on a friend to help out and one day you’ll sell your first ad. It’s all in due time.

      I think the amount of people that go to J-School, Intern at their local paper and land a gig at Newsweek is diminishing. The salary rocks but you can get pretty far just writing on your own.

    • My bad, I actually totally missed the “Start a wordpress or blogger account” by adam jackson. I literally thought you guys were just saying to write, period.
      But starting a personal blog was the answer I was looking for, and I totally just misread the first comment. That was my main question, is that if that was the type of writing experience you were looking for.