Barnes & Noble eReader Coming to iPad at Launch

BN Ereader thumb

That didn’t take long. I just shared my list of the top 10 iPhone apps I wanted on the iPad and today comes word that one of them will be there. Barnes & Noble released a statement today that an iPad version of the eReader app will be available around the time the iPad is due to hit stores on April 3rd, so it won’t be long now.

The B&N eReader is more than just a way to read e-books purchased from the B&N store. It also provides full interaction with the online bookshelf, and can also be used to find or purchase books online. Customers of B&N’s other bookstores, Fictionwise and eReader, can read those books with the app, too. While the app is free, most e-books are not.

It will be interesting to see how long it takes Apple to approve this app in the App Store. Where the iPhone version didn’t compete with Apple, this iPad version will compete directly with Apple’s new iBookstore.

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