Video: Murdoch: Newspaper Ad Model Isn’t Dead


Credit: Rupert Murdoch on 3-11-2010

News Corp.. (NYSE: NWS) Chairman and CEO Rupert Murdoch celebrates his 79th birthday with a cameo on his own Fox Business Network. Among the topics … the newspaper ad model not dead yet (if we were Gawker we’d have to follow that with “neither am I”); iPad will attract more media and eventually a video-ad delivery system; his belief that you can’t “really promote” a brand on the internet or search. And, drum roll, the money quote on search:

“Search on the internet, whether it be Bing or Google (NSDQ: GOOG), whatever, it


Chin Shoe

I think he is right on. It is going to be an interesting process over the next few years. As the internet becomes more developed (structured) companies will learn how to control what they produce and monetize it more efficiently. Maybe this is a bad metaphor… but to me it is kind of like the western expansion of the United States. The internet was like the wild west and is slowly being tamed.

Internet products like Google and YouTube will slowly loose ground as the producers of content become more organized and elaborate in their methods of distribution.

Steven Finch

I just think he is a long way off and is just a generation behind. Doesnt really seem to understand how the internet works and how to make money from it. If Murdoch goes behind a pay wall someone will just take his place, in the same way that people have completely left Myspace to go to Facebook

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