OK Go Exits EMI For Own Label: Hopefully, An Embedding-Friendly One

For want of an embed code, the band was lost…to their own independent label. Viral music video experts and indie rock band OK Go, after publicly squabbling with EMI over the lack of embedding on their YouTube music videos, have left the label to create their own.

This new label, Paracadute Recordings, will take over the distribution and promotion for their newest album Of The Color of Blue Sky, sales for which may be experiencing an uptick following the release of the State Farm-sponsored Rube Goldberg video for This Too Shall Pass, which is currently at 6.8 million views on YouTube (no small thanks to the fact that it’s embeddable).

OK Go’s decision isn’t terribly surprising when you consider their very public stance on big labels — that they function best as an aggregator of risk, giving support to new bands. As lead singer Damien Kulash said in our interview in January:

I’m not, you know, in any way celebrating the f—ing evil sons of b—-es who run things and the awful contracts they gave people. But the truth is that to tour internationally or to afford to work in the kind of studios we want to work in is not even close to within the range of of our own pocketbooks. Basically major labels are and have been, for a long time, essentially big gambling banks.

The move to their own label may mean that fancy recording studios and those international tours are no longer be a reality for them, at least for the time being. (They are kicking off a new tour in April, but will be staying domestic.)

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