Kindle for Android Finally Coming Soon?


We already know that Dell’s Mini 5 (s dell) handheld runs the Google Android (s goog) operating system. We’ve seen the custom interface and lovely 800 x 480 resolution of the 5″ display. And based on FCC testing, it’s a safe bet that the device will support AT&T’s (s t) network when it lands later this year. But far more exciting is the internal Dell promotional documents that Engadget posted today. Oh, there’s nothing new in the way of specifications or hardware details — unless different device colors are your thing. There’s news of some software that has me more jazzed. According to the promo bits, the Mini 5 (aka: Streak) will offer several Amazon (s amzn) services. The Amazon MP3 store was to be expected since that’s already on several Android devices. Amazon Video on Demand and an Amazon Kindle app are new and just what the doctor ordered.

Amazon’s video streaming service already supports some mobile devices, but this is the first mention of Android. It’s not yet clear if video will be streamed over the web to the Dell device — which would be nice — or if you’ll just transfer video files to the handheld for local viewing. The latter solution is offered today and I’m guessing that’s the likely scenario here. Then again, Amazon may have integrated some type of variable rate streaming solution that adapts to the wireless throughput available while watching a movie. Either that or perhaps the streaming solution would be limited to Wi-Fi connections only. I’m still thinking it’s just local playback, but we’ll have to see.

An Amazon Kindle app for the Mini 5 doesn’t leave much in the way of guessing though. If true, it means that Amazon is ready to bring its digital bookstore and content to the Android platform. That’s long overdue in the eyes of many and may put to rest the question of why there’s no Kindle app for Android devices. Amazon simply can’t afford to ignore Android and the momentum it has. Every device that has a Kindle app is another revenue opportunity for Amazon to sell more content — with Android’s market share rising at a faster rate than any other mobile platform, why wouldn’t you want to support it? If this pans out, a Kindle for Android title would join Apple’s iPhone (s aapl) and Research in Motion’s BlackBerry (s rimm) platforms for mobile e-book reading.

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I need the kindle app! I won’t buy a kindle because I do not need another device, but I read books everyday. The Droid is the best phone out there and Amazon would be stupid not to invest in this platform


When an Android Kindle app comes out it would be great if it supports dual screen devices like the Alex ereader and B&N Nook. That way we’ll have proper ebook readers that support epub, Kindle and PDF. These devices have e-ink displays which is preferable to reading an ebook on an iPad.

I’d like to buy a Nook, but there are more new titles available for Kindle outside the US so having access to Amazon’s titles makes the device much more useful. With the Kindle app running on a Nook (which is an Android machine) I get the best of both worlds.


You’re right in that this is ridiculously long overdue. I got my iTouch back in March ’09 and i’ve had the Kindle app since then. it was great until i got my Droid in December. Since then i’ve been forced to either continue to carry two devices everywhere or just stop using the app. Needless to say, i haven’t been reading very much since Christmas.


@Gary lol! I thought I was the only one who always carried around his phone AND ipod touch just to use the kindle app :) I currently use a Blackberry, but my next phone will almost certainly be an Android (maybe the EVO) so I’m really looking forward to Kindle getting on the ball with this. If they don’t… maybe Barnes&Noble will. Their ereader app is pretty competitive (I have both and generally buy the ebook from the cheapest offering).


You also have to consider that the Kindle in effect is just a promotion device for Amazon’s own bookstore and magazine subscription. They make most of their money through that and not the actual selling of the device itself. Also not everyone wants to carry all their functionality on their phone, some do prefer different devices to handle different programs. Plus the Kindle is a really cool device just by itself

Cindy CB

I am with Gary on this. I too prefer my actual Kindle but it is not always with me or if it is, it is not practical to use. An app on my MyTouch Fender would be awesome. Wonder if it will allow you to coordinate page count with actual Kindle?


Personally, I don’t know why Amazon has not put out the kindle client yet for Android, but I’m hoping it’s coming soon. I would still prefer to read on my actual Kindle, but I’ve had many occasions where I unexpectedly had some time to read and only had my phone on me.

Fingers crossed!


God I hope they do. I’m still using my iPhone for reading kindle, but I’d rather use my Nexus One. :o


After all this time, I still read it as the Dell Steak. And I’m not even hungry.

Kindle For Android

I hope that this is true. I’ve been waiting for them to come out with an app for us Android users. A friend of mine has the iPhone app and says it’s great so I’m looking forward to this.


I can see why Amazon is trying to get their reader available to every platform. With all these E book readers coming out. Amazon at least wants to make sure if it cant sell the kindle, it at least can continue selling E-books.

Benjamin Ries

This has to be a tough call for Amazon though – don’t most of the up-and-coming eBook readers run on Android too? The Kindle hardware might be a tough sell down the road if it only supports a subset of the content that competitors can run.

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