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Venture Capital's Data Side Story

From new data stores to large-scale databases to cloud-based storage services, it seems VC dollars these days are primarily flowing into two important (if somewhat unsexy) technology sectors: storage and big data. Which make sense, given that the continuous digitization of everything is resulting in a proverbial explosion of structured and unstructured data, in turn placing the systems under new kinds of stress. Here are some of the recent fundings that bring this trend into focus:

* Scale Computing just raised $9 million in funding in its second round that was led by by Benchmark Capital.

* Pivot3, a company that provides virtualized servers and storage, raised $25 million from Focus Ventures and other investors.

* RainStor, a structured data software company, today raised $7.5 million in Series B funding from Storm Ventures and Informatica.

We’ve been keeping track of this trend for nearly two years. So in order to get more context, check out these posts from our archives:

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6 Responses to “Venture Capital's Data Side Story”

  1. there’s a ton of structured data in enteprises that I’m sure they’d like to be able to search, index, and combine with unstrucutred data (how do I get my CRM data lined up with tweets mentioning my company?), and do it all in the cloud. whoever figures that out will be printing money.

  2. Om, right on. This is exactly what my fund is targeting, albeit at the seed stage. You were definitely early in spotting the importance of this space, and we are running with this megatrend and looking to fund the most promising nascent companies across the big data landscape.