Viral Video Hitmaker OK Go Does Just That; Parts Ways With EMI

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In another bit of EMI news, less vital to the company’s future than today’s latest change at the top, OK Go and Capitol Records have parted ways after nine years through mutual agreement. OK Go asked; EMI agreed. OK Go is best known for its viral videos — and was touted by previous EMI management as an example for the digital age — but that success hasn’t been reflected in sales. According to a source, their latest video (embedded below) had roughly 7 million views last week but they sold only 3,000 units of their new release Of The Blue Colour Of The Sky.

EMI has taken a lot of heat — much of it from the band — for refusing to allow embedding of the band’s videos for the new album, a policy that’s linked to YouTube’s own policy for major label music videos.

OK Go manager Jamie Kitman announced the separation via e-mail to industry observer Bob Lefsetz last night: “we secured ok go’s release from capitol — two weeks before the current video (up to 6.6 million hits in under a week) — came out. we’re living in the future, about 15 minutes earlier than we’d expected, and loving it.”

EMI confirmed with a mutual statement full of fun for reading between the lines:

OK Go singer Damian Kulash: “We

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