Vice-President Biden to Use Justin.TV for Israel Speech

Vice-President Joe Biden packed light for his trip to Israel this week: He didn’t bring the White House camera crew. And so on Thursday, when the former senator visits Tel Aviv University to address the Israeli public about American commitment to the security of Israel, he won’t be doing so on the official White House site — he’ll be talking live on

According to, it’s tough to stream video to without using a White House camera feed. So for the Tel Aviv University broadcast, they sought out another option.

According to Evan Solomon at, the broadcast will be hosted on multiple accounts, the primary one broadcasting in English. Two other accounts, meanwhile, will also be streaming the speech: One with Hebrew audio translation, one with Arabic audio translation. The broadcast begins at 9 AM GMT/1 AM PST, but will be archived on if you’re not up that late/early.

The video will be available internationally, and hosted on sites including the site of the U.S. Embassy in Israel. “This is basically just a user starting a broadcast like anyone else could. It just happens to be a Vice Presidential speech in Tel Aviv,” Solomon said.

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