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Enjoy Video on the iPad Hands-Free, Thanks to Quirky

The consequence of Apple (s AAPL) trying to create an entire new genre of gadget? We all have to figure out how we’re gonna use it. The iPad commercial, first spotted during the Academy Awards last Sunday, featured no shortage of happy users resting the device on their laps…

But how do you physically get into that position? I mean, do you have a scuff-resistant coffee table or an armchair and ottoman? Have you done so much yoga that you can hold your legs up for literally hours at a time? Do you have some new fancy La-Z-Boy or a hospital bed?

Well, if you don’t, and you don’t want to spend a few hundred dollars on some new furniture, then Quirky has a handy device for you. The Cloak case not only protects your $499 device from the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune, but it doubles as a stand for the device in both portrait and landscape positions.

There are other cases available out there, sure, but this one does address the major issue many of you have with using the iPad as a video device — watching a movie or TV show play in your lap isn’t a replacement for a television, because of where the screen rests.

This is only the first of many options sure to address this issue. But in the meantime, as of writing, Quirky has sold 22 out of their initial stock of 620. It’s available in green, purple, blue and black. Maybe give it a look-see.

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6 Responses to “Enjoy Video on the iPad Hands-Free, Thanks to Quirky”

  1. At first glance, Apple’s iPad really didn’t look like much. An expensive piece of glass that could be used as a paper weight as people were calling it a “gimped” version of a netbook. It lacks USB ports and HDMI outputs, has a closed operating system, lacks flash support. Many people bashed it for its shortcomings and nobody really knew which category of mobile computing it should fall into. It definitely lacks the horsepower to replace a laptop, it lacks the host of functions that netbooks have, it couldn’t replace tablets either because of its closed operating system. Despite its short comings, demand for the Apple’s product shattered expectations. The stronger-than-expected demand for the iPad in the United States took Apple by surprise. The several hundred thousand they released were not enough to cope with the demand for the United States alone. The shortage in the United States equated to a push back in the release date for iPads in the other markets around the world.