Here Comes Facebook’s Move Into Location Sharing …


Credit: US Geological Survey / Corbis

With services that make it easy for users to share their location — like FourSquare and Gowalla — gaining buzz and usage, Facebook is finally set to fire back with its own move into the hot location-aware space. The NYT reports that the social network will release a new feature in late April that will let users share their locations; the social network also plans to let outside developers build Facebook apps that incorporate that info.

As the paper points out, the move isn’t a surprise at all; Back in October, Facebook actually hinted that such a feature was on the way in an update to its privacy policy, which made mention of the possibility of a service that would include “location sharing.” And with social networks from Twitter to the new Google Buzz letting users tag their locations it only made sense that Facebook would follow suit, especially considering the promise of geotargeted ads.

Asked for comment, a Facebook spokeswoman says, “We are constantly experimenting with new ideas and products internally. We don

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