Daylife And Demotix Partner On User-Gen Image Sales


News aggregator Daylife will begin reselling pictures posted by users of London-based citizen-photo journalism site Demotix to create an “open image wire service.” The arrangement is an expansion of Daylife’s existing image programs. Last fall, Daylife began partnering with Getty Images — which is also an investor in Daylife — on products that lets users insert imagery on their websites. In an e-mail exchange with paidContent, Daylife CEO Upendra Shardanand said the arrangement with Demotix is a bit different from the one with Getty, which handles professional photographers.

For one thing, Getty doesn’t sell images through Daylife; Daylife does refer clients to the image company, however, and that can lead to sales indirectly. In the case of Demotix, the two companies had known each other for a while. Shardanand also cited the natural affinity of the two companies, since both provide a wide range of curation services. Shardanand credited Buzzmachine’s Jeff Jarvis with connecting Daylife with Demotix in the first place.

Daylife will resell Demotix’s images to its SmartMedia customers. Demotix will set the prices for the images sold through Daylife, though the companies declined to say what the revenue split and other terms of the agreement are. Although it’s only been around for about a year, Demotix has had its users’ photos appear in such mainstream pubs as the NYT, the WSJ, and on CNN, NBC, BBC, AP and Reuters.

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