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@ ADMS: Murdoch’s Speech In Full: ‘If A Wind Blows, Ride It’

At the opening speech of the first Abu Dhabi Media Summit, Rupert Murdoch is exhorting Arab nations to open up and let creative talents flow. Of course, he has his own agenda: open it up to our content as well. This is the show-me-the-money quote: “When we look to the future, News Corporation (NYSE: NWS) is betting on the creative potential of the more than 335 million people who make up the Arab world.”

His prepared speech, in full:

“Each time I visit this part of the world, I experience your fabled hospitality. Making guests feel at home is a long and honored tradition in your culture

3 Responses to “@ ADMS: Murdoch’s Speech In Full: ‘If A Wind Blows, Ride It’”

  1. andyfromoz

    Excellent speech, focused on the power of growth and development instead of trade barriers and restrictions. A great encouragement to development of media organizations,. indeed like Al-Jazeera in some of its more commercial moments.

    It was interesting to read in the comments area comments from two trolls, HowieG and lobster shift, who appear to be Obama-following leftards with preconceived ideas. I happen to be an australian, who reads a lot including internet, and enjoy the global media take which I get from NewsCorp papers. They are actually growing because unlike their oppoisition whioch sources less content and less neutral content, the NewsCorp papers provide real value add.

    So well done, Rupert. A great growth story at a time when a lot of people are hesitant.

  2. lobster shift

    Rupert’s reaching the end of his use-by date. Brilliant at the height of his powers, now increasingly behind the curve.

    He asks how useful a Kindle would be without newspaper and magazine content to display on it?

    The response is pretty simple: Why in God’s name would you want to read the drek his newspapers (most of them, anyway) publish every day.

    In Australia, which I visited recently, Murdoch’s newspapers are appalling, not in their political stance etc. but in their naked margin squeezing. The serve up utter crap syndicated through his group of Australian papers and expect readers to applaud them.

    Please, crap on my doorstep and I’ll kiss you — not.

    Rupert, head for the dugout, stop whining and let the world move on. The sun is seting on yours.

  3. HowieG

    I am surprised Murdoch is allowed to step into any Arab country without being shot. Do they not read the NY Post or watch Fox News bastions of anti-arab hate speech?