Jimmy Kimmel Recreates Trololololo Viral With Oscar Winner Christoph Waltz


Inglourious Basterds breakout star Christoph Waltz was one of the surest bets at this year’s Academy Awards, accepting his trophy with great grace and humility. But while he enjoyed the winner’s party circuit last night, Jimmy Kimmel Live ran a new video featuring the Oscar winner…humping things.

The video, purported to be a featurette about one of Waltz’s “most important early roles,” is actually an homage to a strange little viral that’s been floating around for the last two weeks, in which Russian baritone Eduard Khil sings a song known to the Russians as I am very glad, because I’m finally going home and known to the Internet as Trolololololo.

Waltz is an incredible talent and watching him take this project way too seriously is delightful. This video is a bit annoying, though, because of its failure to capture important details. Why isn’t Waltz bugging out his eyes as much as possible? Why is the lighting so much darker and undersaturated than the original? Why does he need to be humping things at all? Isn’t the original video (below) weird enough?

I’ll admit this, however: I could just be bitter because I was looking forward to another installment in the I’m F—ing Matt Damon series. Yes, I know those were two years ago. But true love never dies.

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