Pirating the 2010 Oscars: District 9 Beats Avatar

Which movie is gonna take home the prestigious Best Picture price: Avatar or The Hurt Locker? That’s the big question of tonight’s Academy Awards, if we can believe Hollywood pundits. Both movies have been nominated for nine awards, and anything seems possible.

Of course, Avatar has some commercial momentum on its side, given the fact that it’s been the most popular movie ever made — at least when it comes to ticket sales. However, there seems to be another option on the table, according to an unlikely panel of experts. BitTorrent-loving film buffs have been voting with their freeloading feet for weeks, and their choices might surprise even Hollywood insiders. The most-downloaded movie isn’t Avatar or The Hurt Locker, but District 9.

Our friends over at Torrentfreak were so kind to share some of their data about the popularity of Academy Awards-nominated movies on various torrent sites with us, and we would be lying if we said that Avatar isn’t popular with downloaders. Torrentfreak’s Ernesto told us that the site has been keeping track of 4280 torrents for Avatar alone, totaling 11,326,000 downloads in various formats across a number of sites and trackers.

That’s pretty impressive, but not as impressive as District 9, which has seen a total of 12,639,000 downloads. Here’s the complete list of all nominees for Best Picture and their popularity on torrent sites:

TorrentFreak’s Oscar Piracy Hot List
Rank Movie Total torrent downloads
1 District 9 12,639,000
2 Avatar 11,326,000
3 The Hurt Locker 7,930,000
4 Up 5,437,000
5 Inglourious Basterds 5,376,000
6 Precious 4,922,000
7 Up in the Air 4,855,000
8 A Serious Man 3,836,000
9 The Blind Side 1,845,000
10 An Education 683,000

So what do you think? Are the pirates right? Will District 9 get the Oscar for Best Picture? Or will it be Avatar? Does The Hurt Locker even stand a chance? Give us your prediction by filling out the poll below:

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Picture courtesy of The Pirate Bay.

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