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Video Interview: How to Go Viral

Jamie Wilkinson, aka Jamie Dubs, is the go-to guy if you want to learn anything about Internet memes. He’s the brain behind Know Your Meme, and until recently used to be Rocketboom’s Internet Research Scientist, complete with lab coat and white board.

Wilkinson looked into the origin of such seminal Internet memes like FAIL or All Your Base Are Belong To Us for the show, and he also dug up a lot of interesting stuff about viral videos like Where is Matt, the Howard Dean Scream or even the Evolution of Dance.

With all that knowledge about videos that gathered millions of views and in some cases went on to become pop culture phenomenons, we thought we’d ask Wilkinson if there’s any formula to virality. What do you need to do to become Internet famous, what should you avoid, and what are the chances that you’re actually going to make any money with this?

Wilkinson told me that viral videos need to be relatable and catchy to go viral, and being or at least looking like Tila Tequila doesn’t really hurt either. However, if something goes wrong, don’t worry: There’s no such thing as bad press. Check out the complete video below.

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