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Save the Date: Apple’s iPad Launching April 3

This morning, Apple (s aapl) finally announced the release date for its anticipated iPad, detailing that the tablet device will be available starting Saturday, April 3.

The early April weekend launch will see only the Wi-Fi model of the touch-screen device being made available, starting at $499, with the 3G model being introduced later that month. Apple detailed that these dates only apply to the U.S., with international releases in Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Spain, Switzerland and the United Kingdom to come towards the end of April. Sadly no specific dates or pricing for the international launch have been confirmed as of yet, however Macworld UK has been speculating about the price for British customers.

In the lead up to the official launch, Apple will be running a pre-order scheme, which starts March 12. Then on April 3, customers based in the U.S. will have their Wi-Fi iPad delivered to their doorstep or to their local Apple Store for pickup, whichever they choose. No word yet on the official launch or delivery date for the 3G model.

Apple CEO Steve Jobs, who revealed the iPad back in January, said the following about the upcoming launch: “We’re excited for customers to get their hands on this magical and revolutionary product and connect with their apps and content in a more intimate, intuitive and fun way than ever before.”

Reports popped up early this week hinting that the iPad would launch on March 26, with further rumors suggesting that iPad’s would be arriving in stores for staff training as early as March 10. Of course word from Apple regarding the launch has now set the record straight, confirming the speculated delay until April.

So with the iPad launch details now laid bare, will you be picking one up at launch? If so are you opting for the Wi-Fi or 3G model? Let us know in the comments.

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40 Responses to “Save the Date: Apple’s iPad Launching April 3”

  1. Rick Eichhorn

    Will such an app be available: I want to be able to open a pdf and annotate it (I currently do this in Preview on my macbook). I could enter text via the keyboard, but I might want to draw on it as well (this is where the iPad would add significant value), then save and email the document. Anyone know if there is already an app, or if such an app is likely?

  2. gemsFamily

    Our 9yr old daugher wants one with the 3G feature that will be useful when on-the road, as well as using Wi-Fi at home. The only point of contention is which of the three memory sizes she will get. I’m leaning towards the smallest amount of memory and she wants the max memory size. We’ll likely have to compromize at the middle mmory size :-)

  3. TheWitt

    Yes, I’ll pre-order in March – the largest WiFi model available. I’ll then order the largest 3GS model available when they start shipping.

    This device is going to change the way the world uses computers.


  4. I will get one, but it will be the WiF 32Gb version. I want to try a Gen 1 cheapest one I can get to see if I can live with an iPAD for taking meeting notes, connectivity in my workplace. I really want to wait before going whole hog to be sure that it functionally is what I want, and also want to wait before leaping in the deep water for the Gen 2 version – especially for the front facing camera so I can video conf with it.

    • Tsubame

      I hear this argument, and I always wonder…why?

      What would you use the camera for? A back-facing camera is ridiculous, you aren’t going to use a tablet for taking picture.

      A front-facing camera is equally ridiculous. Webcam on a device that you will be looking down at makes it very awkward. Either you hold the device at an awkward angle, or the person you are having a video chat with gets to look up your nose.

    • Kiebler

      A camera is useful for a lot of things besides taking pictures. Wouldn’t it be cool to use your IPad to snap a pictures of notes someone wrote on paper and have an app convert it to a document? Seriously, how many apps are out there that user the camera for more than taking a picture of your dog? And all of them are now useless on the iPad. And I think I read it doesn’t have GPS either which wipes out another load of functionality.

      I’m guessing they left it off to keep the price down, but I think Apple really dropped the ball when they didn’t include it.

      I’ll wait till they add one.

  5. student

    I was seriously thinking about getting one, but if MacWorld’s UK pricing is an accurate guess, then I’m very disappointed, like a £100 disappointed – which is a big difference for a student!

  6. Lincoln Jones

    I will definitely be picking one up this year, and I’ll be pre-ordering next week. Most likely Wi-Fi $499 model.

    I have neither and iphone nor a kindle so I’m pretty excited about the ipad, haters be damned. I’ll prob. use it most as an e-reader, but there’s apparently so many awesome apps available I’ll be all over those too.

    Very excited.

  7. adam jackson

    I’m preordering either the 32GB+3G or 64GB+3G. I don’t need 64Gbs but storing all of my movies on it would be pretty cool. The $849 price tag is just so high but I need the 3G so it’s a toss up. I guess it comes down to resale value and 64Gbs is a much better buy.

    • adam jackson

      Do you live in a city or have a job where you have to work at odd hours (down servers, high priority emails)?

      I’m not assuming you don’t but I’ve carried a MacBook Air with me & an AT&T 3G card for 9 months and an iPhone.

      I have a 2 hour commute to work (subway + metro train) which I read books on my Kindle iPhone app. Then on the weekend or at night when I’m out at the park or beach an email will come in that I can’t imagine typing out on an iPhone so I whip out the macbook air and bust through an email quickly.

      The iPad is going to save my eyes from reading books on the tiny screen and save weight of carrying macbook+3G+power adapter with me everywhere.

      10 hour battery and 3G is going to be a life saver and it’ll be the only thing I carry with me when I leave the house now. I’m super stoked about it.

  8. Not buying it this year, just got a 64GB iPod Touch. When it gets to 128GB or more, I’ll definitely buy it with 3G. I didn’t see any way of upgrading the memory on it, so don’t you buy one every year like an iPod when you run out of space?
    My netbook has 160GB plus an external hard drive. Why would I want to spend all that money for what is it, 16GB or 32GB?

    It’s just like a large iPod Touch, I can buy 3G for my iPod now, and have the same experience. The only thing magical about it is how fast can you make your money disappear? :)