March Madness Comes to Hulu for “Best In Show” Showdown

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Are you just chomping at the bit for everyone’s favorite college basketball tourney to kick off? Well, you got a week or two to wait yet, buddy. In the meantime, though, Hulu (s NWS) (s GE) is running its own bracket — one where you get to vote on the winners, even.

The five-week Best in Show campaign pairs up TV show contenders in eight different genres for a series of eliminations, which will lead to the declaration of an Ultimate Champion on April 5. Bud Light, which has sponsored the event, gets prominent brand placement, and Entertainment Weekly‘s Ken Tucker is weighing in on the 16 picks (which are accompanied by off-site links to content).

What do the winning shows get? No clue. Is this anything but a popularity contest? Nope. Is it a quick and fun way to kill five minutes of your Friday afternoon? Darn tootin.’

I did my first-round bracket just now, and there are definitely some tight match-ups — Chuck and Dollhouse are tied at 50 percent each. Personally, I’m not looking forward to round 2, when I’ll be forced to pick between current frontrunners 30 Rock and The Office.

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