iPad Arrives April 3 — You Might Need to Hold It First

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If you believe in magic and live in the U.S., you can pre-order it on March 12 in the form an Apple iPad. It is, after all, “magical and revolutionary,” says Apple. Either the Wi-Fi or the Wi-Fi 3G models can be pre-ordered, but only the Wi-Fi model will be appearing on April 3. Late April is the target for the 3G devices and for delivery of either model in Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Spain, Switzerland and the UK.

So while there’s no specific updates to the iPad features, specs or functionality, the availability and pre-order dates beg the question of who’s buying. Over at GigaOm, we’re running a poll on that topic, but I’ve added it here for our readers. As much as I agree with the “it’s just a big iPod Touch” sentiment, I think there’s still an unknown and that’s the experience brought by the form factor. This might be a device that you have to hold and use before making a purchase decision. I expect to do just that on April 3 before I decide. The iPad is already under consideration for my retooled mobile toolkit, especially now that I’ve dumped my iPhone. If I can get my daily work done in the the browser, it just might work for me and would let me use the iPhone apps I’ve already invested in. Since I now have a MiFi in my gadget bag, I’d be opting for a Wi-Fi model and simply use my existing Verizon plan for web connectivity as needed.

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