iPad to Be Available in Stores on April 3rd — Plus, Our Poll


If you’re a fan of the iPad, like I am, here’s some good news. Apple (s aapl) says it will start selling the Wi-Fi versions of the iPad on Saturday, April 3. The Wi-Fi + 3G models will arrive in late April. From a company press release:

“iPad is something completely new,” said Steve Jobs, Apple’s CEO. “We’re excited for customers to get their hands on this magical and revolutionary product and connect with their apps and content in a more intimate, intuitive and fun way than ever before.”

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Apple says it will start taking pre-orders for both models on March 12. The iPad costs $499 and up. It’s 0.5 inches thick and weighs just 1.5 pounds and has a theoretical battery life of up to 10 hours. The Wi-Fi + 3G models start at $629. You can reserve a Wi-Fi model and pick it pick up on Saturday, April 3, at an Apple retail store, according to the company. All models of the iPad will be available in Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Spain, Switzerland and the UK in late April.

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Just got one for my self, Was very excited about it, But certainly , I now feel its just an enlarged ipod touch, Will see, I would rather gift it to some one else or sell it off on ebay…


OK, just go to http://www.apple.com/getamac/ads/ and you will see Apple presenting itself as free of security flaws, however impossible this is. It’s irresponsible of Apple to present itself this way, as well as mendacious. This is one of the self-limiting factors of Apple; if it gets much more success, it will run into serious problems that will fly in the face of it’s public messaging.

As far as Apple’s proxies, here’s one: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0s5wQPz6E3c

I am not lying, as I’ve demonstrated again, and again, and again. You’re just getting desperate.

Remember: the truth will be measured in terms of worldwide market share of fully capable client machines (i.e. not Windows mobile phones, or BlackBerries, or iPhones, but general purpose computers that take the functional role of today’s laptops and desktops) on January 1st, 2020.

Way back on March 9th, you wrote “I’m done.” but you obviously weren’t. How trustworthy is that?

However, I really am signing off this thread. I reserve the right to call people to account on their lies about Microsoft however, simply because to villainize Microsoft (as, for example, Apple does, loudly and cleverly but mendaciously) hurts people, as I’ve demonstrated. I won’t be back though, on this thread or this article. Buh-bye!


See, MGriscom, more lies. The only thing the Apple guy even said was “I feel like I’ve heard this before.” Apple didn’t make one claim that their computers had no security flaws. Not one. Sure they said Microsoft has had problems – which you’ve repeatedly admitted is true with your (irrelevant and off-topic) blathering about Conficker. If you’re leaving now, it’s because I’ve asked you repeatedly to back up your point of view and you can’t.

You accuse people of villainizing Microsoft without a basis, but you’re doing the exact same thing with Apple. At least the people that hate Microsoft have court findings of malfeasance on two continents to back up their position.

You’re a liar and delusional. And I’ve called you out on it. You’re leaving because you know you’re a failure. And if I came back, it’s because I couldn’t stand by and watch you repeatedly lie like you have. Who’s untrustworthy now?


You cite a youtube clip – that’s supposed to be humorous – with less than 300k views as an official “proxie”?! Is Apple supposed to be responsible for what some random guy uploaded to YouTube? If anyone’s desperate here, it’s you.

I guess you’re a proxie for Microsoft then, right – and I can impart your lies onto them?

You FAIL. In fact, I’ve never met someone that failed so much at successfully defending a point in my life.

No facts, George-Bush-repeating-the-same-lie-to-make-it-true arguing, and complete lack of objectivity or ability to even respond to simple questions about your basis for belief.

All aboard the FAILboat! Capt. MGriscom at the helm!

Enjoy your ignorance. I’m sure you’re a hoot when discussing politics.


O hey, Mcgriscom, I just saw a Microsoft commercial for Windows 7. It had these people in it that each said they designed Windows 7. I’m sure Microsoft ACTUALLY took these people’s suggestions and made Windows 7 based on them.

Guess what – that’s a lie. So there you go – Microsoft lies. Or is Microsoft allowed to exaggerate, but Apple isn’t? Yeah, thought so.


You know of course how Apple has always presented itself as having no security problems whatsoever. Apple’s proxies still make that point.

The problem is, that’s impossible. Security problems always exist, and don’t tell me it’s the user’s fault, because that becomes Apple’s problem as well.

Then there’s Apple’s ad that puts words in Microsoft’s mouth that were never there. “Trust me!”

How would you feel if Microsoft ran an ad that said, in an engaging and clever way, “You can’t trust Apple. You never could. Their software always has problems.” ?

Apple says exactly that about Microsoft with its clever ads, yet it isn’t at all true. Yes, it’s a blatant lie. IMO it’s very clear that Microsoft is the more honest and trustworthy company, and businesses agree. (True, they go with Microsoft for other reasons as well.)

You’re probably going to put words in my mouth again, so I want to forestall that by saying that of course, Microsfot software isn’t perfect either. Perfection isn’t possible.

I dont have a quote directly from Apple saying “our security is perfect.” They’re too devious for that; they have proxies, just like the Republicans have Fox News. Of course it was never true.

BTW, I used Vista from RTM. I used Windows 7 since before RTM. I have had zero problems with security with either one. Does that mean I let my guard down? Of course not, and neither should you.

You have the right to plug your ears again and go “Lalalalalala! I can’t hear you!” but the truth is what’s important.

Next year, I’ll probably build a computer. I could spend 2.5 times as much and get an Apple that’s almost as fast… but why?


You know of course how Apple has always presented itself as having no security problems whatsoever. Apple’s proxies still make that point.

No, actually I don’t. I’ve asked you FIVE times now to provide a source for this, and you haven’t. You have no facts to support your claims. If anyone is plugging their ears because they want to avoid the truth, it’s you.


And who are these proxies? Can you quote any of them? No, because they don’t exist.

If they do, be an honest person and back it up with a source. If you can’t, you’re a liar, just like you have repeatedly lied about Apple saying it has no security flaws.

But what else should I expect from a Microsoft apologist? They lie. People like you lie. It’s more of the same from the Microsoft camp.

You have zero facts to support Apple saying they have no security issues and you can’t cite a single “proxie” as saying it either.

You sir, are a liar.


I don’t accept evidence discussed here about what an evil entity Microsoft is, because no such evidence exists. There’s nothing there. I’ve begged you all to prove otherwise, but to no avail. Microsoft is just a company doing business, and they do not lie to consumers like Apple does. (The “Laptop Hunter” ads? Yes, all computer prices tend to come down with time, rather rapidly, but that doesn’t correct the twice-as-high pricing of Apple, for no value rather than feeling special about yourself.)

True, Apple hasn’t tried to serve businesses as Microsoft had. If they wanted to, they’d be forced to imitate Microsoft, and that would be hard to spin away for them, so they won’t do it. They’ll always be a niche.

Apple has lied and been deceptive about security: that Apple’s security is perfect (yes, they have presented as such) and that Microsoft’s security problems make it unusable (this, while Microsoft was shipping more secure software than Apple starting with XP SP2, and pulling well ahead since then).

I’m not talkng about the phone/game machine space, you are. Yes, the iPhone has done well, and delivers value to consumers. Good for Apple there.

As far as “segment that won’t exist” I’m talking about fully capable computers, not underpowered phones or single-task iPads, and this is 2020 so I’m not talking about computers the size of toaster ovens, necessarily. That’s why I said “fully capable computers” i.e. ones where you are not limited by the equivalent of a tiny screen or no keyboard. I’m not talking about Dick Tracy watches.

See, in 2020, all portable devices (watches, eyeglasses with internal projectors, earbuds) will have gigs of RAM and will be hardware-capable of running any OS they want. (Excepting, maybe, surgically-implanted devices, but I don’t think they’ll be a popular item yet.) That’s what I mean by “fully-capable computer.” Or, put it another way: a “fully-capable computer” is one that can be used to develop software. That’s what I’m talking about.

Single-task devices like the iPad probably will be long gone, as well as computers so under-endowed that they can only run Linux.

There – have I been clear enough?


There – have I been clear enough?

no, actually not at all.

My point was that there will be no such thing as “fully capable” computers in 2020, or at least there will be no difference between portable computers and desktop computers. I can use my iPhone to develop software right now – it’s got text editors – so that’s not a realistic distinction.

And I’ve begged you to show an example of Apple lying and YOU haven’t provided one. NOT ONE.

You keep harping that Apple says its security is perfect. Show me one quote where they’ve said that. I asked for this four times now and you keep avoiding my request. It’s because you have no proof. Just admit it. All you have is your opinion that you think Apple makes self-promoting claims, which every company that ever sold a product does, including Microsoft.


Hey “SteveDave,” dude, just because you know me IRL, doesn’t mean you can sign stuff as me.

-The Real SteveDave

MG, the truth is, I know p-diddy in real life. He was telling me about how you two were fighting and I logged on and commented. Then he used my computer and posted some more. Anyway, that doesn’t make his points less valid. You haven’t shown a single fact that Apple has lied.


Listen you frustrated and jealous pc users, wake up and come out from floppy generation.
do not compare ipad with those ugly looking plastic bread box you call Laptop or Notebook…..
i was fortunate enough to hold this ipad for minute in Bay Area and it just
blew me away….. and mind you i am hard core computer guy who just look for quality and after using G5 WITH 18GB RAM AND I7 WITH 12 GB RAM, I can still say ipad is magical.
Go on april 3rd to apple store and use it for 5 minute, You will be ashamed about your poor and cheap comment.
I still use window XP pro and never complaint about it becouse it is a very balanced OS Microsoft ever produced,But you have no right to abuse a Hard core R&D who invented this products for us to enjoying browsing and enjoying while sitting on couch watching tv
who needs a USB drive , Come on now we are moving in to next generation when we can sync all out multimedia over the clouds with itune.
I still carry my 6.5 TB itune lib in my iphone wherever I go..
Who wants the battery sucker flash in ipad
do you know about flash, read here:

We all love YouTube videos. We all love Homestar Runner. But we don’t love it when Flash ads or other Flash-related junk forces our processors to run hot and leech our precious battery fluids.
Flash animations and videos are among the top processor hogs on Mac OS X. A single poorly-designed Flash banner – even in an inactive window or tab - can suck up an entire processor core with its shady mortgage offers.
Your 5-hour battery life gets cut in half, your laptop runs hotter, and your legs cook to medium-rare.

Every time you drain your battery, you bring it 0.2% closer to death’s door.
That’s, like, 25 cents per charge at Apple’s going rate of $129 for a replacement battery.
Not to mention the toll on your energy bill. And the nuclear coal burned to provide that electricity.
In a world with Flash, you may end up having to replace your Computers battery over its lifetime, since the Flash plug-in is free to suck up your battery’s lithiums, ions, and polymers with wanton disregard to your pocketbook

when ipod came: pc folk say, It’s going to be a flop product, did it happen….NO
apple have sold nearly a billion ipod…
when iphone lunched,PC SR director claimed that iphone will be a flop show …
end result now everyone wants a iphone
and now ipad you pc user screaming about
it’s poor assessment of the product before it’s lunched

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