Asia, Middle East Users Now 25% of Facebook

One in four Facebook users now come from Asia or the Middle East, according to O’Reilly Media research analyst and blogger Ben Lorica, who’s been tracking the statistics behind various demographic and geographic groups on the social networking site. Given that Facebook now claims a total of some 400 million users, that translates into about 100 million people. And the number of users from Asia in particular is growing much faster than any other major geographic region (while the share held by North American users has been declining rapidly). In the past three months alone, the O’Reilly researcher notes that Facebook has added an additional 2.3 million users from South Asia.

Lorica also notes in his post that, with a market penetration of just 1.7 percent in Asia and Africa, Facebook “has barely scratched the surface in both regions.” In a similar post last fall, the O’Reilly researcher said that in the prior three months, Asia had added more than 17 million users. Meanwhile, the share of users from the Middle East/North Africa region remains stable at just over 8 percent, he says, and had “the second fastest-growth rate over the past 12 weeks,” according to his research data. Lorica also says that the number of users who are in the 18-25 age group is higher outside the U.S., particularly in Asia, the Middle East/North Africa, Africa and South America.

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Post photos courtesy of O’Reilly Media, thumbnail photo courtesy of Flickr user Betta Design