Facebook for Palm Pre, Pixi Now Has More to Like


While there’s no need to thank me personally, I’d like to think that I had something to do with the latest webOS  enhancements. How’s that, you ask? Call it Murphy’s Mobile Law — as soon you sell a device due to features you don’t like, you can count on those features getting fixed. Right after I sold my Palm Pre last month, we saw a webOS firmware upgrade and now there’s a new Facebook client. Joking aside, the real folks that deserve the credit are Ben Galbraith and Dion Almaer in the Palm Developer Relations team as they did the Facebook coding for webOS.

The webOS Facebook app was always a sore spot with me. For starters, Facebook was on stage as an official launch partner when Palm debuted the Pre in January of 2009. By the time the device rolled out, all webOS users saw was Facebook contact integration — or contact overload, depending on your point of view — through Synergy and a mobile-friendly web version of Facebook. That “client” was very limited in terms of functionality. Some third-party apps showed promise, but I always expected that the best experience would come from developers at Facebook. Regardless, it doesn’t matter where the latest client app was developed — it’s out there in the App Catalog and based on Dieter Bohn’s video demo at PreCentral, I’d grab it I could.

Similar to the Apple iPhone version of Facebook — by far, my fave mobile client for the service — the update for webOS includes a thumbnail view menu for News, Photos, Search, Inbox, Events and your Profile. Missing for now are some enhanced features like notifications, favorite friends shortcuts and video playback. But all in all, the update represents a huge step forward for the client. Based on what I see, it’s probably on par with the Android version I’m using daily with my Nexus One. Like I said — Murphy’s Mobile Law!

Since I’m no longer a webOS user and some of you are — tell me what I’m missing in the new Facebook client. Was it worth the wait?

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