Ex-Six Apart CEO Joins Wolfram Alpha


3120270963_5144ec5257_m.jpgBarak Berkowitz, a veteran of Silicon Valley, has joined Wolfram Alpha, an intelligent search engine by Wolfram Research, a Champaign, Ill.-based company founded by scientist Stephen Wolfram. He joins as the managing director, a position that is roughly equivalent to the title of chief executive officer. Wolfram, who is English by birth, prefers the British corporate titles, it seems.

I ran into Berkowitz at an industry event earlier today and learned about his new gig. Berkowitz left as the chairman and CEO of Six Apart, San Francisco-based software startup, in September 2007. I first met Berkowitz in the late 1990s. He had just co-founded Omnisky, a wireless Internet access provider. I loved Omnisky and it was with that device that my obsession with the wireless Internet began. It’s good to see Berkowit back in action after a nearly three-year hiatus from the hustle and bustle of Silicon Valley.

Photo courtesy of a href=”http://www.flickr.com/photos/joi/3120270963/”>Joi Ito via Flickr.


Sidney Minassian

Congratulations Wolfram Alpha on a great appointment. Barak is an awesome leader. Will be watching your progress with great interest and wishing you all success.


Thanks Om. It was great seeing you tonight. Hey, and it was 2 years and change… :-}

Om Malik

Either way good to see you in action and most certainly would love to stay in touch and talk more.

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